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Four ways the GeoTypes are applied and their contribution to improving marketing efficiency. 

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A more complete customer view

Discover who your customers are and create a reliable image. Map out the differences between customer groups or find the similarities between new and existing customers. Because having a more complete view of all customer groups enables you to develop relevant propositions and campaigns with greater accuracy and ease.

Effortless segmentation

The segmentation is ready for direct use and facilitates full integration into your own online and offline environments. Remotely or realtime, and easily connected to customers, prospects and market areas. That means no complex, time-devouring segmentation trajectory, but made for instant action.

Detailed market potential

Calculate the scope of a target group and get a better grip on the current market share. Capable of comparing locations based on target group potential in respective catchment areas, determining (local) market potential and implementing a local marketing and location policy – all within hand’s reach.

Higher response

Get to know your customers even better and develop relevant target group propositions that seamlessly connect to their needs. Gain insight into each household and approach (potential) customers in the right way. By further personalizing every phase of the customer journey, response and conversion rates are bound to rise.

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