The Belgian consumer in 15 unique profiles

Discover the GeoTypes: a segmentation of Belgian households in 15 segments. Get to know your customers even better.

Meet the GeoTypes

Get to know your customers better

The typical Belgian doesn’t exist, nor does the typical customer. Yet we tend to approach each customer the same way. Thinking in terms of the customer seems to make the world a lot clearer, but in reality it is less profitable. Therefore, the GeoTypes were developed: a very fine segmentation of the Belgian consumer in 15 unique profiles. Thanks to GeoType, you get insight into the living, working and shopping of all Belgian households.

Rural life First-time buyers & young families Rural life Middle-aged & senior citizens Price-conscious and close by First-time buyers Price-conscious and close by Young families Price-conscious and close by Middle-aged Price-conscious and close by Senior citizens Settled in the city Middle-aged & senior citizens Settled in the city Middle-aged Settled in the city Senior citizens Urban flair First-time buyers & young families Urban flair Senior citizens Residential enjoyment First-time buyers Residential enjoyment Young families Residential enjoyment Middle-aged Residential enjoyment Senior citizens

Apply GeoTypes

The advantage of the GeoTypes is that they are immediately applicable. This way, you can enhance and segment your customer base in no time and easily compare profiles to see the differences at a glance. Moreover, it provides you with all the tools you need to communicate with customers in a more relevant way and thus improve your marketing efficiency.

The applications

Curious about the GeoTypes? We gladly get you up to speed!